Hafjell terrain park

Beginner, Intermediate, or expert? Hafjell terrain park got something for every rider.

In Hafjell you can chose which park fits your level best. From KIDS Mosetertoppenn with small plastic jumps, to Main Park which can challenge your skills.

Hafjellparken: Main Park

Main Park - vår hovedpark med linjer for øvet og ekspert

Main Park for intermediate and expert with blue, red and black line. 

Blue line - small rails and jumps/curves. Jumps from 2-7 meters.
Red line - rails and jumps from 7-14 meters.
Black line - rails on the top which brings you to 4 jumps in a line. Jumps from 12-20 meters.

In the Main Park there is also a corner, rainbow, rails and boxes. Park house is a fun place for gathering your friends with music, table, bbq grill og wireless internett access. You can also borrow lockers here (Nok 10,-).

Hafjellparken: Backyard

Hafjellparken Backyard - nå med kveldskjøring!

Our blue terrain park, Backyard, fits beginners, intermediate and expert riders. 

In Backyard you'll have jumps in a row, with jumps from 2-5 meters. There is also a line with boxes, which makes it a good place for practice. Backyard is only 100 meters north from the end station for the Gondola (behind Skavlen) and has its own lift. Boxes, kink-boxes and jumps from 2-5 meters.

Hafjellparenk: KIDS Mosetertoppen

Hafjellparken KIDS

KIDS Mosetertoppen for beginners and intermediate.

KIDS Mosetertoppen is the perfect place for beginners and for those who wants to practice skiing or snowboarding. Small jumps and obstacles for everyone to try and create good park memories.