høst i hafjell
høst i hafjell

Active fall vacation in Hafjell

Choose Hafjell for the autumn vacation and try Hafjell Bike Park or biking in the mountain before winter makes its arrival.

Autumn is best spent on the mountain. In the clear and fine air, surrounded by beautiful autumn colors. In Hafjell you have the mountains and activities for the whole family right nearby!

With a cabin in Hafjell, you are in the immediate vicinity of one of Europe's best Downhill bike parks. It is open Saturday and Sunday until the autumn holidays and Thursday to Sunday during the autumn holidays (weeks 40 and 41). Downhill cycling is suitable for anyone who can cycle and is an increasingly popular and growing activity (however, we do not recommended it for children under 8 years unless they are well experienced).

For the youngest children, those who are a little too young for the downhill trails, we have a large pump track on Mosetertoppen (disembarkation gondola), which children have enjoyed all summer.

Here you can bring all kinds of bikes, or borrow from us at the top for the little ones.

Pumptrack på Mosetertoppen i Hafjell Alpinsenter.


Autumn holiday package

Book our autumn holiday package from NOK 380, - per bed from Thursday to Sunday during the autumn holidays. Choose between living in the Alpine Village, Gaia or Sørlia.

If you book the package you get:

  • Accommodation either in the Alpine Village, Gaia or Sørlia at good prices
  • Free ride with the gondola in Hafjell
  • A wide range of activities for the whole family!

Whats on during the fall vacation?

We have prolonged opening hours for both the park and the restaurants. Besides, we have several fun contest on the program and much more! See the push bellow to read more.