KIDS Hafjell: Meet Isa

Hi, my name is Isa!


Isa, Hafjells maskot

When people first came to Hafjell and decided to build a ski resort, they did not know that Isa already lived here between all the trees. And maybe, if the people knew, they might wanted to place the ski resort someplace else, because Isa sometimes can cause some trouble. Now and then you here people say: "Oh, it must be Isa who did it..".

And that is probably right most of the time, Isa is a cheeky little creature who loves thinking of new pranks to pull on everyone. Either it is the lifts that stops, the restaurants are missing something, or if someone trips on a branch in the slopes. 

She is as fast as lightning and can suddenly show up in the slopes. She loves to be the center of attention so she is skiing down the slopes, dances and laugsh as loud as she can. And if you don't pay attention she might grab your gloves or something, but she will always give it back to you. That is the thing about Isa, even though she might be cheeky, she allways feel sorry afterwards. If you meet Isa on a day she has been extra cheeky, she might give you a snow diamond to make up for it. But be careful, cause she can disappear as fast as she shows. Isa has a lot of things to do, since she have to find all the snow diamonds that is hidden in Hafjell before someone else does!

What no one knows is that for a long, long time ago, when Isa still lived far into the mountains, all snow diamonds also was there and decorated the home of Isa. Suddenly the mountain started to shake and shover and turned everything upside down and the diamonds spread with the wind. Now Isa has to collect them and bring them back where they belong. 


You can meet our new mascot Isa in Hafjell the whole season. She especially likes the three familyareas in Hafjell, KIDS Gaia, KIDS Knerten and KIDS Gondoltoppen.