Mountain Biking

Mountainbiking in Hafjell

Hafjell and the surrounding areas offers great opportunities for different types of biking, either you prefer roads down in the valley, endless gravel roads, or more challenging trails both in the forest and mountain. Hafjell can give you what you need for a great biking experience. 

Mountain biking has become a popular sport and Hafjell can fullfill your need with trails and roads in the mountain. Start with taking the Gondola to the top, Mosetertoppen, and follow the trails. End your day with a tasteful meal at Skavlen Restaurant, while enjoying the view over the valley. Take the Gondola or use your bike down Hafjell Bike Park. The green slope "Lett Nedfart" will be the best alternative here.  

Don't have your own bike? Hafjell Bike Shope has a vide range of terrain bikes, mountain bikes or el-bikes. 

"Hafjellrunden" is a great alternative for E-bikes. 

This is a easy route, around 20 km, which starts and ends at Mosetertoppen. The roundtrip is mostly gravel road and some tractor road. 

Starting with a short steap section from the top of the Gondola up on the mountain and towards Moksjøen (little lake). Take right from Moksjøen further into the mountain on a gravel road to Sjøsætra. Follow the road to Pellestova, take right at Ilsetra and follow the road through Nysetra and down again to Mosetertoppen, the top of the Gondola. 

From Mosetertoppen you can take the Gondola or follow the gravel road (Lett Nedfart) down to the bottom station in the Resort. 

This site will be updated with more routes before the season start 2017.l