Mountain Biking

Mountainbiking in Hafjell

Hafjell and the surrounding areas offers great opportunities for different types of biking, either you prefer roads down in the valley, endless gravel roads, or more challenging trails both in the forest and mountain. Hafjell can give you what you need for a great biking experience. 

We recommend using a Mountain bike or E-bike for all these routes. For the trail “Hitfjellrunden” we recommend full suspension MTB. Don't have your own bike? Hafjell Bike Shope has a vide range of terrain bikes, mountain bikes or el-bikes.

Storfossen Roundtrip    5 km 

This is a short and easy bike trip on the gravel roads around Mosetertoppen.

The trip is a great little tour for families with a nice break half way thru where you can relax and watch the waterfall in the woods.

Route description:  Start at the top of the gondola and pedal or walk the first steeper uphill until you reach “Utsikten” which is a 4-way crossing and a good viewpoint. From here the route continues in less steep terrain and even some downhill. The sign for “Storfossen” will be on your right.  It’s a short walk on a footpath to go see the waterfall. After looking at the fall the gravel road leads you back to Mosetertoppen and the gondola.

Kart over Storfossen rundtur

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Moksjørunden           11 km

This is a quite easy roundtrip that is winding thru a peaceful landscape with a lot of nature to look at.    The route follows gravel/forest roads and has around 100 altitude meters in height difference.

Route description:  Start at the top of the gondola and pedal the first steeper uphill climbs until you reach “Utsikten” which is a 4-way crossing and a good viewpoint. Soon after the viewpoint you will turn right towards Hornsjø. There is a nice place for a rest at Moksjøen and from hear you are not far from the highest point of the route. Once reached the Car road you cross it and the smaller road continues at the other side. At Lisetra turn to the left and follow the gravelroad back to the top of the gondola   


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A relatively simple bike ride which is a circular walk from Mosetertoppen. The tour goes mostly on gravel roads and some tractor.

Route description: This tour starts with a small short steep section from the top of the Gondola up to the bare mountain and Moksjøen. From there to the right into the mountains on a gravel road over marshy plains into Sjøsætra. Moreover, the road to Pellestova on hilly dirt road. Turn right at Ilsetra and follow seats way through Nysetra and down to Mosetertoppen, the top of the Gondola.


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Hitfjellrunden from the BikePark            21 km  

The epic MTB trail from top of Hafjell chairlift, over the four peaks and back again to the resort. Does not look that hard on the map but do you have the technique and the lungs for it?  It is absolutely worth a try and if it is to much there is a shortcut after about 5 km from the bottom of Reinsfjell to Hitfjell. But you will miss the best part…

Route description: Start with going up both the gondola and the chairlift in Hafjell. From top of the chairlift, aim for the top off Hafjell and go down to Pellestova. The trail now goes past lakes and peaks and if you go the right way you will end up at top of Hitjell where the highlight descend starts. After this descend you pedal the straight rocky trail “Hitråket” before reaching the BikePark

Remember the trail is for bikers as well as hikers. Show respect and share the trail!


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Hunderfossen roundtrip along the river     7 km

A short bicycle route along the river in Øyer and Hunderfossen.  Make a couple off stops on the way and visit attractions like the road museum, The children zoo and the mighty river dam.

Route description:  Start from the Bike shop in Hafjell and head down towards the far left of the parking lots, where you cross the road and go towards the river. Go thru the tunnel under Highway E6 and continue north along the river. At the end of this gravel road you will have to follow car road until the narrow paths around the car museum shows up on your left. After the museum and family parks you will cross the Hunderfossen dam on the way back.    

Sykkeltur Øyer Hunderfossen

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