BMW Skimovie

Skiline & BMW Skimovie

Keep track on your days out skiing and altitude with Skiline or watch yourself on video from the BMW skimovie slope. Compete with your friends and family on who has the best time, who has skied most kilometers and days or just keep track of your own runs. 

Planned opening for the Skimovie slope: November 25th. 

Skiline for everyone

We are saving unpersonal statistics for everyone that goes skiing/ snowboarding in Hafjell and you can watch your own statistics if you register your Keycard number below. 

This is completely free, go register!



Top 100 altitudes in Hafjell

Below you will find a list of the top 100 persons who has skied the most for the season. 



Try the Hafjell Skimovie Slope located at the top of the Gondola. There will be cameras following you, you can see your covered vertical meters, number of lifts and kilometers and keep track of your speed. Compete with others on the toplist and see your movie if you log into

This is the newest videoclips from the Skimovie slope. 


BMW xDrive Cup 

Experience unforgettable moments on the slopes 
Not only can you enjoy your time on the slopes at our selected ski resort partners with BMW xDrive Cup Highlights, you can relive your experience online with images and videos. That way you can record your personal performances as well as special moments on the slopes.

Where enjoyment is in the driving seat: your BMW xDrive Skimovie.
Look like a World Cup star: we film your run on the BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie slope from the start to the finish line. Afterwards, you can download your personal Skimovie including your time from our website. All you have to do is register with your skipass at the start, wait for the signal and enjoy – first your run and then your video.

Time for personal bests: your BMW xDrive Speed Photo.
What can you expect when you reach the BMW xDrive Speed Photo gate, register with your skipass and start at the signal? A picture of you in racing position including your personal time. What a great memory.

Lasting memories – BMW xDrive Photo Point
Imagine a picture of a day on the slopes and you right in the middle. The BMW Photo Point is one pretend speed camera anybody would be happy to be caught by, especially as the picture in front of the unique panorama does not cost you anything except a smile. All you need to do is hold your skipass in front of the sensor and smile into the camera. You can access and download your experiences on the slopes at any time for free on after having registered.

BMW xDrive Cup – the winter competition
The BMW xDrive Cup Season 2017/2018 starts on 1 December 2017. Joining you at the starting line will be selected BMW xDrive Cup ski resorts, all sorts of attractive prizes and lots of fun on the slopes. Get started with us and collect points, e.g. by buying a skipass, taking part at the Skimovie slalom run or going night skiing. For more information about these special points and the BMW xDrive Cup, please visit

BMW xDrive Cup – The prizes
The BMW xDrive Cup is unique – and offers three times the chances of winning. All participants who have reached at least Level 4 by 30.04.2018 will automatically be included in the season’s prize draw for a brand-new BMW X1. And every month, there will be a prize draw within every Level where the winners will receive high-quality prizes from K2. Whoever collects the most points overall between 01.12.2017 and 30.04.2018 will win a perfect weekend with a BMW arrival package, skipass and overnight accommodation at one of BMW’s ski resort partners. An unforgettable weekend awaits you, as do countless unforgettable moments at the BMW xDrive Cup 2017/2018.

Register now at, set out and win prizes.

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