Heis i Hafjell

Ski Map


18 lifts, including a gondola, 32 slopes and an unlimited amount of fun is waiting for you in our 865 meters of elevation.

Hafjell's trademark is long runs, great snow conditions and mellow weather conditions. A vast amount of snow guns secures perfect snow conditions even if the weather gods won't supply a lot of natural snow, and we can cover almost the whole mountain with artificial snow. The skiing season is normally from mid November to mid April.

A ski resort suited for everyone from the youngest beginner, to the expert skiers. the slopes are graded like this: Green (beginner), Blue (easy), Red (medium), Black (advanced)

Check the names and get to know the resort below

Download the ski map as a .PDF-file here


Slopes Number Lifts Letter
Hafjelløypa (red partl) 1a Knerten A
Hafjelløypa (green part) 1b Familieheisen B
Hafjelløypa (red part) 1c Hafjellheis/Chairlift 1 C
Hafjelløypa (red part) 1d Kjusheisen D
Easy Slope 2 Hafjellheis/Chairlift 2 E
Familiebakken 3a Skogheisen F
Knertenbakken 3b Fjellheisen G
Snarveien 4 Hafjellheis/Chairlift 3 H
Seterløypa 5 Gaiaheisen I
Kjusbakken 6 Kringelåsheisen J
Svegårdsløypa 6a Lunnstadheisen K
Opheimsløypa 7 Gondola L
Olympialøypa 8 Moseterheisen M
Treningsløypa 9 Backyardheisen N
Kringelsåsløypa 10 Frontyardheisen O
Fjelløypa 11 Båndheis Skiskole Y
Toppløypa 12 Båndheis Frontyard Z
Gaialøypa 13    
Bamseløypa 14    
Hareløypa 15    
Panoramaløypa 16    
Lunnstaden 17    
Buåsløypa 18    
Oleløypa 19    
BMW Skimovie 20    
Frontyard for KIDS 21    
Nyseterløypa 22    
Bukkespranget 23    
Skicrossløypa 24    
Main Park (blue part) 25    
Main Park (red part) 26    
Main Park (black part) 27    
Backyard 30    
Døldavegen 31    
Lett nedfart 33    
Traversen 34    
Transport from Gaiastova 35    
Transport 35a    
Transport from Lunnstaden 36    
Transport to Gaiastova 38    
Transport to Lunnstaden 39    
Transport to Kjus 40    
Transport to Mosetertoppen a 41    
Transport to Sørlia 42    
Transport to Nermo 43    
Transport to Mosetertoppen b 44    
Transport to Mosetertoppen c 45