Hiking in Hafjell

Hiking in Hafjell is a beautiful experience and with the top of the Gondola as a starting point you will have lots of different hikes to chose from. Short trips in Mosetertoppen's nearby area, hikes in to the mountain or up to the top of Hafjell. Some chose to take the Gondola up to Mosetertoppen and walk down through the many cabin areas. When you are done hiking we recommend taking a lunch at the restaurant Skavlen, at the top station for the Gondola, while enjoying the view. 

The mountain is known for its great hiking, hunting and fishing areas. 



Familyfriendly trip to Fossen (Waterfall)

1,5 km hike in easy terrain from Mosetertoppen to Fossen. Great hike for families where you can tell the childre stories along the way and what you might find behind the waterfall. 

If the kids are still full of energy when you get back to Mosetertoppen, they can play in the climbing tower at the playground. 


This hike starts at the parkinglot behind Ilsetra. You will have an amazing view over the mountains as you walk up to the small cabin on the top.  The hike is easy and fits all ages. 

Hiking tips from UT.no

For more hiking tips and suggestions, visit Ut.no. You can f.ex get information on how to hike Brånan; the mountain where you see a guy holding a torch, Fakkelmannen.