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Are you planning a friend's trip, a bachelor party, a birthday party or maybe a kickoff for your colleagues? 

Below we have shown the several options that we can offer. You just have to pick and choose what activites to include in your visit.

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Downhill biking

The ultimate thrill and a great activity to enjoy togheter no matter previous experience.

Downhill is, as its name implies, all about the ride down. The lifts take you up to the top of the mountain so you don’t need to worry about pedaling back to the top. Simply put, you can focus on ripping down the trails and having fun! Read more about downhill Biking

To book downhill biking with our group packege prices your group needs to:

  • Be 8 or more people renting bike and equipment 
  • Book for a whole day that is not a Saturday (Saturdays can only be booked with one additional day). 


Stay right in the middle of it!

With HafjellKvitfjell booking we can include a bike in/bike out cabin to your booking

Choose beween stayig at the bottom of the hill with a short distance to Hafjell or further up the resort with exeptional views over guddbrandsdal valley. The cabins comes in many differnt sizes and can be booked from 8 beds up to 15

To unlock our group package price for cabins it has to be booked together with the booking of bikes. 






Tired of chat and FaceTime?




Take your group for a trailride!

Add an extra day to your Hafjell downhill trip and experience the other half of our Mountainbike destination 

Fast flow trails, technical sections or endless gravel and cart roads. There are countless possibilities for your cycling trip in Øyerfjellet area, whether you want a short and easy ride, or a full on trailbiking mission. What kind of bikes to use? well that's up tou you. Choose between full and half suspension and also between biking the traditional way or pedaling with less effort on one of our electric e-Bike.

The trailbikes can be booked for any day all throughtout the summer even when the BikePark lifts are closed.  



Add an experienced instructor to your booking

When trying out Downhill or Trailbiking for the first time it is always great to learn the basics from someone with a lot of experience from biking and how to teach!

Our instructors also serves as guides so that you and your group does not need to spend extra time trying to find the right way in Øyerfjellet trail network, or to find the best sections in our BikePark.

Most common way of adding an instructor to your group booking is to book an introduction course for the first 90 minutes of your day in the Bikepark. For trailbiking we recommend booking a guide for a half or full day on the trails.

Group discounts for guidebooking are available when booking bikes as a group with us



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