Biking experience with friends and family

Are you planning a friend's trip, a night out, a birthday or a kickoff with your colleagues ? Or maybe you are responsible for this year's girls trip?

In Hafjell we offer a program that suits you and your group. Hafjell Bike Park offers bicycle offers for the keen cyclist and newcomer. Together with Team Kreaktiv we can offer activities for the stag team or team building for the management team.

Below we have shown several packages we can offer. If you do not find a package that suits you, we will tailor a special offer for you.

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Syklist flyr


Business trip - send your employees upwards!


Our experienced instructors will take care of the uexperienced as well as those who all ready have some biking experience. 

Bring your manangement team, the department or everyone at your floor for a weekend that will offer both thrill and mastery.



Business package

  • Downhill biking including bikes, full equipment and lift passes

  • Intro course

  • Lunch at Skavlen

  • Teambuilding with Team Kreaktiv (se activites below)  

  • Accomodation

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Gruppe i Hafjell Bike Park

Tired of chat and FaceTime?


Vennegjengen sykler i Hafjell Bike Park


Been a while since you saw your friends?

In Hafjell Bike Park you can take back lost time with your friends.
How about gathering the troops and taking a long weekend in Hafjell with bike and mountain trails?

Either you want to test the downhill for the first time or trail bike as far as the eye can see in the Øyerfjellet, we can show you the way and make sure you are well equipped. 

Friends package

  • Downhill biking with bike, all the equipment and lift passes

  • Lunch at Skavlen

  • Accomodation

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Hafjel Bike Park

Say YES to a dirty summer!


Guttegjeng i Hafjell Bike Park

Bachelor party

Is your girlfriend or best friend get married? Have you been given the honorable assignment of being a groom? Don't worry. Arrange the whole event with us. Our talented instructors take care of everyone, regardless of level, and customize both path and experiences according to conditions and experience. Together with Team Kreaktiv we can offer a whole day in Hafjell with cycling, lunch activities and accommodation.

Join in an experience neither the bride, the groom or the guests will forget!

Bachelor parties

  • Downhill biking with bike rental, all the equipment and lift passes 

  • Intro course

  • Lunch at Skavlen

  • Games arranged by Team Kreaktiv

  • Accomodation

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Hafjell Bike Park


Gondolen I Hafjell


Day 2

Very often, one day is not enough in Hafjell considering the list of activities we offer. We recommend a trip with the gondola to Mosetertoppen where there are several trails and roads you can run or walk. If you are not tired of biking from the day before, we recommend renting a trail bike that can take you on endless routes further into Øyerfjellet. 



We have a collaboration with Team Kreaktiv. Amongst other things, they offer activities for a bachelor party or team building. They will meet you here so that you do not have to spend precious time on transportation.

Team Kreaktiv offer the following activites for team building:  Bow and arrow - Jawel throwing cornbagtoss - Electric hover cart race - Water balloon catapult - Prisoners on the fort - Key challege - Air gun shooting -  Building Leonardos bridge - Bow and arrow dart - Bow and arrow tag - Running blanket

For the bachelor party: Mini-hover cart race - Rally with radio controlled cars - "Drunk glasses" race with wheelbarrow - Prisoners on the fort - Key Challenge Master of puppets - The Beergame - athleets race - Sled Pulling - Water balloon catapult - Bow and arrog tag - Gladiator - Boom Fight - Ax throwing.


Team Kreaktiv logo


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