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Hafjell restaurant mat
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Hafjell Pizza


Since 1992, Hafjell Pizza has provided great food and satisfied guests in the center of Øyer. starting from the vinterseason 20/21 and on, they have a new restaurant on Skitorget in Hafjell. Here they serve yummy pizzas to bikers and Hafjell locals. The whole building have been given a real refurbishment and appears in a completly new style for summer 2021 season.

Hafjell Sætra


During the summerseason 2020, we opened a completely new café at Gondoltoppen. Here there is outdoor seating with a rich menu, which can be enjoyed on the large terrace with 70 seats.

In connection with Sætra, a large and modern toilet facility has also been built, easily accessible for our guests.



Skavlen is idyllically located right by the gondola top at Mosetertoppen. With the gondola as the main transport, you can easily get to Skavlen which offers a good lunch menu, coffee and snacks. Meanwhile enjoying the fantastic views of the river Lågen, Gudbrandsdalen and the surrounding mountain peaks.


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Lodgen Hafjell


This restaurant is adjacent to the Hafjell Lodge cabins just 20 meters away. It serves meals in cozy surroundings and a unique atmosphere.

With a location only 200 meters up from Skitorget in Hafjell, the restaurant is easy to find. The lodge has a total of 130 seats inside and 150 seats on the terrace. In addition, they have furnished a seating area around an open fireplace and a bar on the ground floor. On the 2nd floor we have a bar and seating.



Hafjell Woody's


At Woody's you can always watch sports on their TV screens. Woody's are worth a visit after a long day on the trails, whether it is to relax with something good to eat or a party-filled evenings.


Hafjell Grillbu


In addition to the many restaurants, there are several places where have your own packed lunch. Cozy barbecue huts have been set up by the Mosetertoppen and on Isa's treasure hunt trail..

This is a great option for family and friends who want to bring their own food.

Welcome out!