skikjøring i Hafjell

How to get to Hafjell


Hafjell is easily accessible no matter which transport you choose. 

Hafjell is located 15 km north of Lillehammer and approximately 200 km north of Oslo. By car from Oslo it will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Hafjell. The E6 Highway is a fast, safe and comfortabele highway where the traffic flow is good. The Oslo Airport Gardermoen is 160 km south of Lillehammer with good transportation options, the train departs from the airport to Lillehammer and have corresponding busses to Hafjell Bike Park. You will see the Bike Park from the highway and there is hardly any other ski resort in Norway with better access than Hafjell. 





Hafjell Alpinsenter
Hundervegen 122-124
2636 ØYER
Phone:  +47 61 27 47 00

GPS Koordinates:
Lattitude 61.234381
Longitude 10.448835 

Train and bus to Hafjell 

The busses departs frequently from Lillehammer to Hafjell and takes about 15 minutes. 

Train from Oslo-Lillehammer: 2hrs and 10 min.
Train from Gøteborg-Lillehammer: 6hrs and 40 min. included train transfer at Oslo central station. 
Train from Trondheim-Lillehammer: 4hrs and 30 min.

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Ferry to Hafjell

If you are travelling from Denmark to Norway, ferry is the perfect choice. 

The ferry will arrive in Larvik og Oslo. From Larvik there is 310 km to Hafjell and from Oslo ca 200 km.

If you travel from Denmark to Norway, ferry is the perfect option. 


Plane to Hafjell

Take the plane to Oslo Airport and drive 2 hours by car. You can also take the train then bus to Hafjell. 

Norwegian airline companies:

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)