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New and modern cabin located in Moseteråsen with 5 bedrooms and 12-14 beds, 2 baths, sauna.
Modern cabin where you can enjoy your ski-holiday. Ski in/ ski out through ski paths over Mosetertoppen, which means you will have to get over a small hill before you get to the slopes.
Follow cross-country trail to the bridge over Mosåa. From there follows a pathways through a cottage field. This takes you into the ground at the bottom of track 30 (Backyard) or mid trail 6A (Svegårdsløypa)
Return via Moseterheisen.

In summer you have a good location close to activities like downhill cycling, Hunderfossen, Lilleputthammer and Lekeland. Great hiking in the mountains.

Livingroom contains sofa, TV and fireplace.
Dining table where you can enjoy meals togheter.

Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, stove, dish washer and micro.
5 separate bedrooms:
Bedroom 1: Doublebed
Bedroom 2: Doublebed
Bedroom 3: 2 x singlebeds
Bedroom 4: 2 x singlebeds
Bedroom 5: 4 x singlebeds
There are also two exstra guestbeds who can be placed in the other bedrooms.

3 separate bathrooms:
Bathroom 1: shower, toilet, sauna
Bathroom 2: shower, toilet.

Further information:
The cabin has a room with washing machine, dryer and also a room for prepering your skis.
170 square meters. Pets are allowed on request. Fireplace outside.
Internet, parking, terrace. THE OUTDOOR JACUZZI ARE NOT AVAILABLE!