DH Bike | Scott Gambler 720 (2018) - Size M

We are now selling Hafjell bike workshop's favorite gambler, All time!
The Gambler 720 2018 model has become a favorite due to its fine geometry, solid wheels and not it's excellent components.
7-speed GX gear system, Fox 40 Elite fork and SRAM code brakes are some of the goodies on this bike

The bikes have a number of use scratches after use in rental for 3 seasons, but all the bikes have been regularly maintained and are in good technical condition.

Before sale, the bikes have received service that includes fork service, and a more thorough service of brakes, gear system, straightening of wheels and more. If necessary, there has been replacement of wear parts such as gear wire, cable housing, chain, tires, brake pads, bearings etc.