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Downhill Bikes | Scott Gambler & Kids bikes

Scott Gambler is a proven and excellent bike that is really designed for tough use, with lots of suspension and very powerful brakes. These bikes are specially made to ride downhill, and we guarantee a memorable experience in our trails with this bike.
The Scott gambler is a favorite among downhill riders the world over. With 29" or 27.5''wheels, 210 mm of travel front and back and powerful brakes, the Gambler is ready for anything.

For just Kr 899,- a day you can rent a top of the range DH bike which retails for Kr 50,000,- in the shops.
A day in the Bike Park on one of these bikes is sure to put a smile on your face.

NB.. all protective equipment is incuded in the rental price.

Are you visiting us as a part of a bigger group? Have a look at our group page and find out about our group packages and discounts!