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Large house over two floors with 5 bedrooms and 14 beds, 3 bathrooms, sauna and fully equipped kitchen
The house is located in the mid-area in Hafjell, With nice area outside, perfect for kids to play. You will get good standard,and a great views. Ski in/ ski out to the Hafjell slopes, you can also take the gondola which brings you up in the mountain for some good cross-country skiing. A 5 minutes drive brings you to Øyer centrum with several shops and restaurants.

In summer you have a good location close to activities like downhill cycling, Hunderfossen, Lilleputthammer and Lekeland. Great hiking in the mountains.

Livingroom at the first floor contains sofa and fireplace
In the cozy livingroom downstairs, you will also find a sofa, relaxingchairs and a TV, the perfect room for kids and youngsters.
Dining table for 14 persons, perfect for enjoying meals together.

Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, stove, dish washer, micro.