Great view and locally sourced food!

We welcome you to a great food experience at the top of Hafjell, with fish and game meat from Øyerfjellet and berries and vegetables from the village.

Our goal is to create a meeting place at the top of Hafjell for all ski enthusiasts, alpine skis or cross-country skiis. Now matter how old or young, you are always welcome at Vidsyn. Enjoy our homemade food in our restaurant, lounge or at the terrace. Or perhaps it sound better with a warm cocoa in the coach?

You will find us right beneath the top of Hafjell, approximately 1000 meters above sea level, south of Hafjellheis 3 (H) and next to Gaialøypa (8). The view is spectacular, the whole front of the restaurant is made of glass from floor to roof, so that you can enjoy the beautiful view from inside.