Travel to Hafjell

Hafjell is easily accessible regardless of the choice of transport. 15 km North of Lillehammer City, and approx. 200 km North of Oslo. It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes by car from Oslo on the E6 or Rv4 around Gjøvik.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is located 160 km South of Hafjell with good connections to Lillehammer and Hafjell. Drive your own car, take the train or bus to "Hafjell Alpinsenter" - we encourage everyone to use public transport!



Hafjell by car

With great and safe roads all the way from Oslo, a trip by car is comfortable and fast.

The trip from Oslo to Hafjell takes about 2 hours 30 mins along the E6, and roughly the same time along the R4 via Gjøvik. From Oslo airport the drive time is around 2 hours. 
Parking at Hafjell is free. For those of you with electric cars, there are also charging stations located in the lower carpark.

Hafjell Alpinsenter
Hundervegen 122-124
2636 ØYER

GPS coordinates:
Latitude 61.234381
Longitude 10.448835 

Hafjell by bus

Think green and go by bus to Hafjell. Choose between ordinary route bus or preorder a minibus via the app "Helt Fram".

Busses run frequently between Hafjell and Lillehammer with the trip itself taking ca. 15 minutes. You will also find a ski bus serving the various hotels in the area as well as busses running to and from Gaiastova at the top of the mountain. 

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buss to Hafjell

Taxi Hafjell

Do you need a taxi back to your cabin after a great night with after ski? Or perhaps you need a ride down from the Night Club at Gaiastova? 

Phone number: +47 612 22 020

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Hafjell by train

Both trains heading for Trondheim along the Dovre Line (Regional train nr 21) and local trains between Oslo and Lillehammer (R10) run frequently to and from Lillehammer. Hafjell is just a short 15 minute bus ride from the station. 

Journey time: Oslo-Lillehammer: 2h and 10 min.
Journey time: Gothenborg-Lillehammer: 6h and 40 min. incl. train switch at Oslo S.
Journey time: Trondheim-Lillehammer: 4h and 30 min. 

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Ferry to Hafjell

Travel by ferry if you travel from Denmark to Norway - cheap and comfortable.

Places of arrival in Norway are Larvik or Oslo. From Larvik it is 310 km to Hafjell and from Oslo it is approx. 200 km.