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Hafjell Bike Guides

Do you want an introduction to Downhill biking? Learn the basic guidelines and techniques? Or improve your skills to simply become a better rider? No matter what you are looking for our guides are ready to help out. You can either book yourself in to any of the daily coureses or take a private lesson for your self or your group.

Guided Downhill courses

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Introduction to Downhill

Every day we offer an introductory course for Downhill biking with a ride through the Bikepark to learn the basics. The course lasts for 1 hour and during this time our instructors will give a good introduction to what to think about when cycling downhill. How to stand on the bike, which trails to start with, and how to get on and off the lifts with a bike. The course starts at 10am at the bottom of the gondola lift. It is important to arrive i Hafjell a while before in order to have time to get your bike and equipment before the course starts. Our bike rental shop opens at 9:30.

Minimum age for this course is 10 years of age. For younger kids we recommend getting a private course for the family.


Clinic of the day

New for this year is our daily clinic! At 12:00 everyday we have an open specified clinic for those who want to increase their riding skills. The Clinics are all based in the bikepark and the meeting point is the top of the Gondola. Minimum age for this course is 10 years of age. For families with younger familymembers, we recommend booking a private guide. In order to take part of this course you need a full suspension bike and proper safety equipment, 

A minimum of two participants must be registered for us to run the course.

Private guiding 

With a private lesson, you get a personal follow-up whether you are a beginner or want to improve your technique. We help you improve your riding skills and practice on whatever your choice might be, such as keeping the speed in turns, or better manage drops and jumps. Private guiding can also be profitable if you are a small group that wants a private instructor and get the most of your time.

The course lasts for 90 minutes, 3 hours or a full day, and you can choose between different times and the number of participants when you book the course. The meeting place is at the top of the gondola. 

Biking courses on trail and gravel in our alpine area 

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Our trail bike rides are for groups who want to experience Øyerfjellet's fantastic trail network. This is a trip suitable for all skill levels. Our guides will take you on trails that best suit your group so that you do not have to spend energy on planning.
All you need is a trail bike, gondola ticket and a bag with food, drinks and extra clothes. This trip is for groups of up to 6 people and you meet your guide on the gondola top at 12:00. 

E-Bike tour 

If you want to have the opportunity to explore further away areas of Øyerfjellet, we recommend booking our E-Bike tour. Here you can choose between riding on country roads, or you can rent a full suspension E-Bike for more challenging terrain. Electric bikes also even out physical differences in the group and are perfect for everyone to get the most out of the trip. Our guides will set up the trip to suit your group, and all you need is to rent an E-Bike, buy a gondola ticket and bring a bag of food, drinks and extra clothes for the trip. This trip is for groups of up to 6 people and you meet your guide on the gondola top at 12:00.

Family tour

This trip is a perfect activity for the whole family. Book a guide who will take you on a smooth ride in the local area along country roads and easy trails. A tip is to rent electric bikes for children (maybe also the adults) and get the most out of the trip with longer distances and less effort. Our guides will plan the trip for you and it is planned for a lunch break where we can surprise with some local goodies. All you need is a bike for big and small, gondola tickets and a bag with food, drinks and extra clothes. Meeting point is the gondola top at 12:00.


When you book a course with us, it does not include a lift pass and bicycle rental. This must be booked in addition. Please see options below

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