This is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. If there is something missing you think we should include, please give us a hint at [email protected]

Lift pass

- Can I refill an old lift pass?

Yes, as long as the card has a WTP number on the back and the card is an AXESS card, it can be reused. Select "Load WTP card" in the shopping cart. Read more about buying a lift ticket here.

Buy lift pass 

- Can I buy a lift pass for a child 0-6 years on an existing lift pass?

These cards must be bought together with a new Axess / WTP card. You can not add 0-6 years to an existing card you have online without other cards in your shopping basket. A purchase must cost more than NOK 0,-. 

- Can I buy a card with an optional day in season?

Yes, but these are not in the online store, so these cards must be purchased at the door. 

- I refilled my cards online / I bought a new card online. Do they need to be activated before I can go to the chair lift/gondola?

No, the cards will be activated as soon as you enter the reader in front of the chair lifts/gondola. 

- I bought a new card online, where can I pick it up?

Use the QR code you received in the confirmation e-mail. Scan this is the pick-up boxes out in front of the Welcome Center at Skitorget in Hafjell or Gaiastova. You cards will be printet and disposed from these pick up boxes.

- How do I buy a lift pass?

You can buy lift passes online, new ones of refill old ones. When buying a new, select "New WTP card" in the drop-down menu. If you want to refill an existing card, select "Reload WTP". Fill in the WTP code you find at the back of the card. You can also scan the QR code on the back of the ski pass using the camera on your phone. We also have an app available where you can buy all types of lift tickets (not season tickets and night skiing). The app is called HafjellKvitfjell and has all the information about the resort as well as lift pass and tickets. 

- I bought a lift pass on a spesific day, but it looks like the weather will be bad. Will you refund the card if I would like to cancel it?

We give refund for unused cards only in case of illness / Covid, as long as you have a doctor's statement no later than one day before. Get in touch by email to [email protected] for such inquiries.

- We had several days skiing in Hafjell, but some of the chair lifts or gondola had to close due to bad weather or technical problems. Will you refund our lift passes?

This depends on how many of the chair lifts that had to close and for how long. There are separate reimbursement rules for downtime in the facility which you can read more about in our terms of sale here.

- Is it possible to use the lift pass in Kvitfjell?

Yes, it is. Ski a full day in Hafjell or perhaps a half day in Hafjell and the rest in Kvitfjell? If you buy a multiple day pass you switch between mountains, two days in Hafjell and perhaps one day in Kvitfjell? 

Chair lifts

- Can we bring a pram into the gondola?

Yes, there is good space for a pram in the gondola.

- Can we bring a dog in the gondola?

Yes, you can.

- Can you take the gondola with a wheelchair?

Yes, you can.

- Are children allowed to take the gondola or chair lift alone?

No, children below the age of 10, or 140 cm, must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).

Nei. Barn under 10 år, eller 140 cm, skal ha følge med en voksen i stolheis/gondol. 

- Why are there different opening hours on the chair lifts in the facility?

There are different operating hours on the chair lifts at the bottom of the facility and at the top. This is due to several things, but mostly due to the light during these hours and the lighting in the facility. We open later before January due to the need for lighting in the slopes than we do after January. So this is for practical reasons, first and foremost. See our opening hours here.

- Can we take the gondola to Mosetertoppen / Favn and further on to the top of Hafjell if we only want to go cross-country skiing?

Yes. You then buy a single ticket with the gondola and another one for Hafjell 360 chair lift. You can buy this in the hatch down on Skitorget. Also, one single ticket with the gondola includes the Moseter T-bar lift.

- Is it free to take the gondola back down to the bottom of the facility?

Yes, it is. You do not need a ticket for this.

- Do you need a lift pass to ski in the children's slope / Knerten at the bottom of the facility, Kids Favn or at Kids Gaia?

Knerten, which is located at the bottom of Hafjell Alpinsenter, requires a lift pass to ski. While the other belt lifts at Mosetertoppen / Favn and Gaia are free. The cross lift at Moseter is also free to use.

- How many lifts do you have in total in Hafjell Alpinsenter?

We have 1 gondola and 18 lifts. The 18 lifts are distributed as follows; 4 chair lifts, 5 T-bars, 6 plate lifts and 3 conveyor belts.

- How long does the different chair lifts take to the top?

We usually give the following estimates for the gondola and chair lifts based on the speed that we usually operate with.  

Gondolen: 9 minutter og 13 sekunder
Hafjellheis 1: 6 minutter og 9 sekunder
Hafjellheis 2: 6 minutter og 7 sekunder
Hafjell 360: 7 minutter og 30 sekunder


- Is the parking free?

Yes, it is free.

- Do you recommend that we get there early to ensure we get a parking spot?

During holidays it could be smart to arrive early, but usually you will find a free spot. The parking spaces at the bottom of the facility has a very good capacity, and on the most visiteted days during winter season there will be parking guards to guide you to available space.

- Do you have a charging point for electric cars?

Yes, we have a total of six 2-phase chargers (7kw) at the bottom of the facility right next to the gondola. Remember to bring your own charging cable as this does not hang on the charging stations. You charge either using App or your own RFID tag.

Ski lockers

- Do you have ski lockers for rent in the facility? 

Yes, you can rent ski lockers in the facility. You can buy this in the ticket counter, and the price depends on how the hours you need it, 1 single day, several days or the whole season, and the size of the locker. You can rent for either 2-pair skis or 4 pairs. You can also rent a small box for storing smaller items.

- Does the ski lockers have keys?

You charge the lockers directly on to your lift pass, and opened / closed from this as a key pass.

- Where are the ski lockers, and are they available also after opening hours?

The ski lockers are in the gondola cellar and open from 07:00 am to 21:00 pm every day.


- How many slopes do you have in total?

We have a total of 50 kilometers of alpine slopes. Thirteen of them are green, seven blue, nine red and one black. (Some slopes have black areas). Read facts about Hafjell here

- We have small children who have not skied much, where should we start skiing in your facility?

Take the gondola up to Mosetertoppen and Kids Favn. Here you will find two belt lifts, two wide and children friendly slopes perfect for kids with minimum experience. There is also a children's area at the bottom of the facility, Knerten, which is also very nice for beginners and children.

- When do you groom the slopes and how often?

The slopes are groomed from 17:00 pm - 08:30 am the next day, continuously.

Park and Kids

- How many terrain parks do you have in Hafjell?

There are a total of three terrain parks in Hafjell Alpinsenter. The biggest one, Main Park, located just south of Mosetertoppen and Favn. We also have two smaller terrain parks for children, Frontyard and Backyard located on Mosetertoppen. Read more about park in Hafjell here.

- How many children's areas do you have in Hafjell?

We have a one at Skitorget, related to Hafjell Ski School and their facility close to the chair lift. We also have a fairly large children's area with several belt lifts on Mosetertoppen and Favn, as well as Gaiastova (Kids Gaia). These areas have belt lifts / tunnels, children's figures and their own trails. Read more about our children's areas here.

- Do you have forest trails suitable for children?

Yes, we have several and they are highlighted on the trail map. From the season 21/22 we have, among other things, three new Isas forest trails. Two of these can be reached by taking the Moseter lift and following the sign directions from the top, as well as a very nice trail that goes under the lift route of Hafjell 360, called Isas Hytteløype/Cabin Trail. In the woods here you will find Isa's cabin where you can stop and take a break on the ground or even meet Isa.

WC, showers and baby changing rooms

- Where can I find toilets in the facility?

You can find several toilets at Skitorget and in the gondola basement. There is also a separate WC building at Mosetertoppen right at the exit of the gondola. We also have two heated common areas where you can bring your own food, and these have toilets as well. 

- Are there baby changing room in the facility?

In the toilets belonging to Skavlen Restaurant on Mosetertoppen, there are baby changing rooms, also in Hafjell Pizza Skitorget. There are also changing tables in the WC building on Mosetertoppen.

- Are there showers that guests can use/rent in Hafjell?

Yes. There are three showers at Skitorget in the gondola basement. These are free to use.

Warming huts and bbq places

- Do you have any heated common areas?

Yes. we have two heated common areas where guest can relax or enjoy their own food. You can find one just across Hafjell Pizza and the bottom of the facility, just next to the chair lift. The other one is located on Mosetertoppen next to the Hafjell 360 chair lift. 

- Can we bring our own food to the resort?

Yes, you can bring your own food to the resort and eat this is all the non commercial areas, such as the heated common areas as well as benches around the facility. You can not bring your own food to the restaurants.

- Do you have any barbeques we can use?

Yes. We have six different barbeque areas in the facility. One at the bottom of the facility close to the family area and the t-bars, one by the heated common area at Mosetertoppen, one by the t-bar at Gaia, Fjellheisen as well as Buåsløypa/Buås trail and one by slope 22, Bøygen.


- Is there free WiFi in the facility?

Yes. Close to all main chair lifts and restaurants you will find a free wifi for guests to use.


- I would like to use my drone in Hafjell, is this OK?

We recommend checking out The Civil Aviation Authority home page, https://luftfartstilsynet.no/droner/, in these matters. There are very strict rules on drone flying where people travel. On general terms one should avoid flying over people and crowds. If you have spesific requests, please contact [email protected] for more information.

In case of emergency

- I am injured/someone else is injured. What to do?

If you are in the ski resort and are injured, you can get assistance from the Hafjell Ski Patrol. In that case, call (+47) 40 40 15 00. Alternatively, contact the nearest lift operator, who will contact the ski patrol on internal communication channels. It is crucial that you know where you are in the facility and have oriented yourself, or look for the nearest trail number or landmark you can relay. This is to enable the ski patrol to quickly reach the location.

Read more about emergency and safety here.