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Age of children (0-17 yrs):

Book your accomodation in Hafjell and get cabins and apartments right next to the slopes, perfect for your ski holiday! Bring your kids to the smaller and charming cabins and apartments, gather your friends or colleagues in one of the bigger cabins or take your whole family to one of the biggest cabins, where all the facilities is in place, perfect after spending the whole day in the slopes.  

hytte i Hafjell  hytte i Hafjell  hytte i Hafjell

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Phone: +(47) 61 24 90 00
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hytte i Hafjell  hytte i Hafjell  hytte i Hafjell

Choose between cabins and apartments located from the bottom to the top, depending on your needs. 

Dalområdet (Valley Area) got cabins and apartments perfect for families with children or a group of friends. You will get ski in and out and walking distance to grocery stores and Øyer. It's also close to Skitorget in Hafjell with a ticket shop, ski rental, ski scool and restaurants.

Midtområdet (Middle Area) has several cabins close to the slopes. Ski in and ski out combined with a beautiful view over Gudbrandsdalen and the river Lågen. Here you have Mosetertoppen, the end station for the Gondola, with the restaurant Skavlen and the gathering point Midtstasjonen with a chairlift. 

Toppområdet (Top Area) gives you a perfect mix of alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. Accomodation in scenic surroundings near Gaiastova, ski in and out to the slopes or the big net of cross-country trails. 

Want to visit Hafjell in the summer, with activities for the whole family nearby? Read more. 

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