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We offer a wide selection of quality bikes from Scott for various purposes, electric bikes, downhill bikes, trail bikes, mountain bikes, and children's bikes.

We reccomend to pre-booke bikes online. In this way you are ensured to get the right type of bike and size of your wish. To make it easy to book the right size, we have written the recommended height for each bike model.

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How to Rent a Bike

Our bike rental offers a wide range of different bike types to ensure you have the best possible experience for the type of cycling you want to do here with us. To make it easier for you to choose the right bike, we have provided an overview here with a detailed description of our bikes and which use they are best suited for. All our bikes are of the highest quality and the latest model from Scott Bikes.

We have two bike rentals; Skitorget for DH-bikes and Favn for trail and E-bikes. Skitorget is located down in the valley, by the gondola, and is open from 09:30 to 16:30. Favn rental is by the top of the gondola and have opening hours from 09:30 - 18:00.

Here are three simple steps to book your bikes at Hafjell Bike Rental:

1. Your height determines the size

To ensure your biking experience is the best possible, it is important that you choose a bike that is the right size for you. Therefore, we have specified the recommended height for the user of each type of bike. So if you are 175cm tall, you should choose a bike labeled "170-180". If you are exactly between two sizes, e.g., 180cm tall, we recommend choosing the smaller size if you do not have much experience.

2. Types of Bikes – Which Bike Should You Choose?

You can rent several types of bikes from us:

  • Downhill Bikes - To be used in the Bike Park. Pick-up location is Skitorget Rental, down in the valley. Full-face helmet and protective gear are included.
  • Electric Bikes/Trail Bikes - Ment for use outside the Bike Park, on mountain trails and gravel roads. These bikes are located at Favn, by the top of the gondola. Helmets are included.
  • Children's Bikes - At Favn bike rental, we also have a good selection of children's bikes from ages 2-8, for use in the pump track and Isa Bike Park. These can be rented without reservation. Helmet is also included.

Downhill Bikes

Our downhill bikes are specially designed for downhill fun and are the type of bike to choose if you want a fast-paced day in Hafjell Bike Park. All our downhill bikes are of the same type, the Scott Gambler for adults, and the Scott Ransom for children. These are robust bikes that allow you to roll and fly over terrain and obstacles in a way you didn't think was possible. A day on a downhill bike in Hafjell Bike Park is a fantastic experience for anyone who can ride a regular bike; we guarantee big smiles and a great sense of accomplishment. Full-face helmet and protective gear are included, so get ready for an unforgettable experience on the downhill bike!

You can pick up these bikes at our rental shop at the bottom station of our gondola.


Gambler 910Ransom jr


Trail Bikes, Children's Bikes, and Electric Bikes

In the category of Electric and Trail Bikes, we have a selection of several different bikes, depending on the type of rides you want to do. There is also a selection of children's bikes here.

Due to increased wear and tear, we do not want the bikes in this category to be used in our downhill trails in the lift system, except for green trails. If you are going downhill, you will have a much better experience on our downhill bikes, which are specially designed for the purpose.


Trail Bikes:

Our trail bikes are of the Scott Genius type, which is a versatile trail bike that is excellent for exploring the fantastic trail network of Øyerfjellet. It has 150mm travel both front and rear, with a design that makes it fun to ride both uphill and downhill. Lockable suspensions also make it roll smoothly on the great, endless gravel roads in our mountains. Choose this bike if you want to engage in varied mountain biking without a motor and thus retain the playfulness in the descents.





Our full-suspension electric bikes are of the Scott Strike type, a fantastic tool for those who want to explore new trails and areas without exerting too much effort on the uphill. It offers high comfort on the trail without compromising performance. With the market's most powerful motor, Bosch Performance CX, this bike will give you fantastic experiences and take you to new heights! Choose this bike if you want to try motorized trail biking. We guarantee you will have an awesome experience on this bike.



In the Electric Bikes category, we have a selection from children's bikes to adult bikes. All models in this category are so-called hardtail bikes, without rear suspension, and are perfect for long nice rides on gravel roads and easy trails. Here we also have children's bikes available, allowing juniors to experience the power of an electric bike. Your height determines which size you should have.

AXIS eRide:

Scott Axis is for those who want a more comfortable sitting position and a slightly slower pace on the ride. This bike is versatile and has a luggage rack for those who want to bring a little extra on the trip. It also has fenders so you don't get dirty if it's wet.


Bergamont E-Revox junior:

Take the kids on an unforgettable ride! These are available in both 24" and 26" and are suitable from about 8 years old.




In the Mountain Bikes category, you will find our "regular" mountain bikes. These are top-quality mountain bikes from Scott, which also allow you to explore the mountains in a delightful way. Without a motor, you will have to work a little harder uphill, but they are light and nice and are a cheaper alternative to our electric bikes and full-suspension bikes. Here we also have sizes down to 20'', suitable from about 5 years old, perfect if you want to take a trip into the woods from Mosetertoppen with the whole family.



In the booking, you will receive information on where and when to pick up the bike. Our staff will greet you with a smile and assist you with a helmet, protection, and route tips. Then it's just a matter of getting on the saddle and getting started, no matter what type of biking you're going to do. We always prioritize quality and guarantee a good experience on our bikes!

See you in Hafjell!


Rent Children's Bikes at Favn This Summer

Bring your own bike or rent a bike at the top at Favn. Here we have a selection of children's bikes (from about 3 years old) available for rent at a low cost.

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