Hafjell ski rental

Hafjell Skiutleie has ski and snowboard for everyone, from beginner to expert. You will always get the newest equipment, newly waxed and fully prepared for a great skiing experience when renting skiis from Hafjell Skiutleie/ski rental. You can rent your skiis at Skitorget (bottom station), Favn (Mosetertoppen) or Gaiastova.

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Opening hours

Hafjell Skiutleie opens half an hour before the lifts starts and half an hour after the lifts close.
Then you don't need to worry about delivering back the skiis, but enjoy your day skiing at the fullest!

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Ski service & ski hotel

Been awhile since your skiis got som extra care?  We can help you with waxing,  Vi kan hjelpe deg med alt fra voksing, edge grinding, adjusting your ski bindings and bootfitting - so that you can get a great experience skiing!
 Deliver your skiis in the same place as the ski rental/Hafjell Skiutleie.

We can also watch over your skiis at our ski hotell

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Our packages

Skiis based on your skill level: 

Standard prep
Edge & wax

What size do I need?

If you wonder what kind of size you need when ordering, check out our video. If you booked the wrong size, let us know and we will help you.

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