HEis i Hafjell


We urge all our guests to familiarize themselves with our guidelines for purchasing ski passes.


We ask that all guests follow information that is updated on our websites, information board and at each lift.


The season pass is personal and must not be transferred. In the event of misuse (punished with NOK 1500, - immediately) or violation of guidelines, or of the alpine trail rules, the lift pass can be revoked. If you lose your season ticket, you can get a new one by paying NOK. 300, -.

If you forget your season card at home, you must buy lift cards at the ticket office (not online) and you will get a special receipt for refunds that must be returned to the ticket office at you next visit. Your money will be refunded as long as your season pass in unused in the period of wished refund. Refund must happen in the ski resort where the season pass is bought and must be refunded in the current season. Do not buy tickets online, go to the ticket office to get help or else it might be difficult to get refund.


We make our guests aware that weather and driving conditions can change in the mountains. The guest is responsible for assessing the weather and driving conditions based on their skiing and snowboarding skills, before purchasing a ski pass.


Refund of pre-ordered lift tickets:

Pre-ordered ski passes that cannot be used due to illness or Covid-19 are refunded by submitting documentation of illness or quarantine until 1 DAY BEFORE arrival.

Pre-ordered ski passes that cannot be used for reasons other than illness must be canceled 10 DAYS BEFORE arrival.

Refund of ski pass purchased the same day:

No refund is given on ski passes in bad weather, fog, snow, icing, technical faults or the like. If you are unsure about the weather and conditions, contact the ticket office before you buy a ski pass. In the event of injury or illness, reimbursement will be given upon presentation of a medical certificate immediately after a doctor's visit. Reimbursement in case of illness or injury will only be given to the person who is ill or injured, and only for the days the ski pass has not been used. In case of early departure due to unforeseen events, no refund will be given on ski passes.

No refunds are given on optional days in the season and season tickets (see below for refund of season tickets if we are ordered to close by the authorities).

Shut down due by the authorities: If the facility is ordered to shut down by the authorities, unused pre-sold cards will be refunded.


With a season pass with us, you have the opportunity to ski in both Hafjell and Kvitfjell during a winter season that runs from November to April.

We are concerned that the season pass with us should be a good investment that gives you many good experiences, and a large number of days skiing on the slopes.

Skiing and outdoor activities, with plenty of space on the slopes, are a safe activity. Of course, we plan with good infection control measures, so that you who visit us will have a safe and good experience.

For those who buy season pass from us, we guarantee a refund if we should, contrary to expectation, get into a situation where the facilities have to shut down for large parts of the season.

Bilde av refusjonsordning


In the event of an interruption of operation - ie in the event of a lift stop and / or when more than 50% of the total course offer at the time of purchase cannot be used - the cardholder is entitled to a proportionate refund for the time the lift card cannot be used. The outage must be of at least 30 minutes duration and the sum of the outages must be more than 1/3 of the ski pass validity period.

No refunds will be given for the purchase of day passes, half-day passes or time passes.

Operational interruptions beyond the control of operations management (force majeure)

In the event of an interruption of operation that is beyond the ski resort's control, the reimbursement shall correspond to 50% of the proportional reimbursement to which the cardholder is entitled under the preceding paragraph. This applies in the event of operational interruptions as a result of, for example, weather and wind conditions, landslides, lightning strikes, floods, fires, power outages, strikes, etc. and which constitute conditions which the plant could not reasonably expect to take into account at the time of purchase. It is up to the plant to document that the outage is due to such conditions and that the plant has not had the opportunity to avoid or overcome the consequences of these.

Based on the above provision, it must be clear that the cardholder is not entitled to the entire purchase price, only a proportionate refund for the time the season card cannot be used. The maximum amount that can be refunded in the event of a lack of snow is 50% of the lift ticket's purchase price. This presupposes that the facility is unable to open for the season. On the other hand, if the facility is open more than 1/3 of the season, the cardholder is not entitled to a refund.

In other words, it is for closed days beyond 1/3 of the season's total number of ski days that the cardholder can demand a refund. The refund shall be 50% of the proportionate share of the time the lift pass cannot be used. This is a calculation where the value of the lift ticket must be divided by the number of days in the season. This "daily rate" is decisive for the size of the reimbursement claim.

If the facility is closed all season - every 90 days - that means a refund of NOK 3000.

It is in the nature of the case that a possible reimbursement claim cannot be settled until after the season has ended. Until the end of the season, the plant owner can consequently reject any reimbursement claims. Any claim for reimbursement shall be addressed to the plant owner after this time.


The customer is responsible for presenting a discount coupon / voucher / gift card before purchasing a lift ticket. No refunds will be given afterwards.


If you do not have an Axess card, you must buy this. The card costs NOK 75 in addition to the lift ticket price. If you have an Axess card without technical problems, this can be recharged and used again. There is no deposit on Axess cards.


Some trails or parts of the facility may be reserved for competition and training.

All business activities in alpine centers and areas require a written agreement from the lift facility.