Hafjell Alpinsenter

Family Areas

Children is the most important guests in Hafjell and we can offer three familyareas for play and fun.

The three familyareas are located by our 3 main areas, one by the bottom station, one at the top of the gondola and one at the top near Gaiastova. All three with unique skirelated themes, and a dedicated area to enjoy your own lunch with a free bbq. If you go skiing in all three areas you'll get one button for each area and a cool gift!

KIDS Knerten 

KIDS Knerten is a family area placed centrally in Hafjell's bottom station.  

The family area consists of "Familiebakken" and "Knerten". KIDS Knerten has a slalom theme where the kids can try skiing through the slalomgates. This is also the meetingplace for the skischool and without a doubt the perfect place for beginners.

KIDS Knerten


KIDS Mosetertoppen

KIDS Mosetertoppen is the family area right next to the top of the Gondola.

The family area is a great place for gathering the family up in the mountains. Everything is in place here for giving you and your family a great skiing experience. This is what the area has to offer:

- Frontyard: a kidsslope with easy park elements, figureslope, forestslope and a slope for sledding. You can also make your own bbq lunch or eat at one of our restaurants. There is also toilets available here.

- Backyard: a terrain park that suits beginners to advanced skiers. Here you'll find jumps and rails which fits every level. Backyard is also available for night skiing, with new floodlights, open tuesday, wednesday and thursday to 20.00.

- BMW Skimovie:  Here you ave the opportunity to let us take the time and film you as you race down the gates! The film and your time you can see at skiline.cc.

- Buåsløypa: Take the lift parallell to the skimovie, but take it all the way to the top for a nice but fun slope in some terrain.

KIDS Mosetertoppen


KIDS Gaia 

KIDS Gaia is the family area on the top of Hafjell right next to Gaiastova. 

The family area contains a figureslope, a mini-skicross and a wide open area for skiing. There are bbq's available and seatings for enjoying a nice, hot meal together. There is also a new slope for sledding where the kids can have fun with their own toboggans. KIDS Gaia is a familyarea with lots of skiing and other acitivities regardless of their skills.