Private Coaching

We offer private coaching for all ages, diciplines and at all levels. The time spent with your coach is unique and individual to optimize for your needs and wants.

Is it your first time skiing with a coach? Awesome - lets choose a time and instructor that matches your expectations. Our instructors bring their unique experience into the lesson and have carefully selected terrain in advance according to weather, level and exercises so that you feel safe and suitably challenged.

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We create passion 

For us, an hour with a coach is so much more than a chat about technique. We want you to leave the class with a feeling of mastery, joy and passion!

Everyone who works for us has a passion for mountains and skiing which we want to share with you.

For our youngest skiers, we want to create a passion that becomes a lifelong relationship with skiing. And for those of you who have a lot of experience on the slopes, we know that there are always new sparks to ignite in your skiing.

The right coach for you

Commitment and presencet is at the heart of our coaching. It is important that you feel safe with your coach and that their skills match your goals.

Our instructors are carefully handpicked based on our values and most have worked with us for several seasons. What makes our ski school quite unique is the time we spend on matching the right coach for you. We have instructors who specialize in children and others who, with their long experience, can give you as an experienced skier new challenges and wow-experiences.

Prices and information


60 minutes Coaching

This is the perfect frame time for our youngest skiers whose legs do not last as long. 

Price 1 person = 900 NOK
Price per exstra person = 235 NOK

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90 minutes Coaching

If you are new to skiing or would like to touch up the technique, this is the optimum time needed together with a private coach. For best results, we recommend that you book 2 or more lessons so that you can follow up your development with your coach.

Price 1 person = 1185 NOK
Price per exstra person = 345 NOK

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Half day, 3h Coaching

A half day lesson together with a private coach will give you good time to both practice what you learn together with your coach and experience rapid improvement. If you wish, there is the option of video analysis to enhance your understanding of your own movement pattern.

Price 1 person = 2265 NOK
Price per exstra person = 565 NOK

Book 3 hours

Whole day, 6h Coaching including lunch and coffee

Invest in your self and have a whole day together with a private coach where you are in focus!
Together with your coach you set up goals both for the day and the season. If you wish, there is the option of video analysis to enhance your understanding of your own movement pattern.

Lunch is on us and we will take shorter coffee breaks according to your needs and weather.

Price 1 person = 3990 NOK
Price per exstra person = 585 NOK

Book 6 hours


We have instructors who teach within all disciplines on snow.

  • Alpine
  • Snowboard
  • Telemark
  • Cross Country / Nordic Skiing
  • Biski and Sitski
Age and Levels

We offer coaching from 3+ years old. 

The levels are divided into four levels, 1-4. The teaching is adapted to you and your goals, but getting information about approx. level before you show up gives us the opportunity to choose the right coach for you.

Remember! If you are 2+ people who want to share a coach, it is important that the difference in level and age is somehow the same. If it is the first time for one of you, we recommend that you book your own coach.

Level 1 - Beginner

Previous experience It's your first time skiing, you have no previous experience.
Goal You want to start skiing. Become confident with braking and turning.

Level 2 - Know the besics

Previous experience You master the plow and brake, and have started turning on green/blue slopes. Can take the button lift by yourself.
Goal Become more confident on skis in varied terrain and get turns in turns.

Level 3 - Experienced

Previous experience You can ski parallel in most slopes.
Goal To make you confident in all terrain and conditions.

Level 4 - Advanced

Previous experience You have great experience of skiing. Can ski competent parallel.
Goal To make you proficient in all terrain and conditions.

Meeting Points

You can choose* to meet your coach at:

  • Familieheisen at the bottom of Hafjell
  • Favn at the top of the gondola

Møteplass skiskole Hafjell

When you book your appointment, be careful to choose the right meeting place. If you are unsure - contact our booking and we will help you!

*Depending on availability.


Har du spørsmål eller ønsker veiledning? 

Our ski school booking is open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

The booking in Hafjell is located at the bottom of the mountain by Familieheisen.

Phone: (+47) 61 24 90 00
Email: [email protected]

The booking is today staffed by Catrine, Anna Amalie, Philippa and Dicte.

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