Terms and conditions for liftpass and bike rental

We encourage all our guests to familiarize themselves with our guidelines for purchasing a lift pass or renting a bicycle.


We ask that all guests follow information that is updated on our websites, information board and at each lift.


The season pass is personal and must not be transferred. In the event of misuse (punished with NOK 1500, - immediately) or violation of guidelines, or the cycling rules, the lift pass can be revoked. If you lose your seasonpass, you can get a new one by paying a fee of 300,- plus 75, - for a new Axess card. If you forget your seasonpass at home, you can buy regular liftpass for the occation and get it refunded next time you visit us (remember to bring liftpasses and receipts in order to get the refund). 


We make our guests aware that weather and riding conditions can change in the mountains. The guest is responsible for assessing the weather and riding conditions based on their cycling skills, before purchasing a lift pass.


No refund is given on lift tickets or rent in case of bad weather, fog, snow, rain, wind or the like. If you are unsure about the weather and conditions, contact us before you buy a lift pass or book a bike. In the event of injury or illness, reimbursement will be given upon presentation of a medical certificate after a doctor's visit. Reimbursement in the event of illness or injury will only be given to the person who is ill or injured, and only for the days the lift pass / bicycle has not been used. In case of early departure due to unforeseen events, no refund will be given on lift tickets or rental.

Shut down due to Covid-19 by the authorities: If the facility is ordered to shut down by the authorities due to Covid-19, unused pre-sold cards will be refunded.


In the event of an interruption of operation -  in the event of a lift stop and / or when more than 50% of the total lenght of trails at the time of purchase cannot be used - the cardholder is entitled to a proportionate refund for the time the lift pass / bicycle cannot be used. The outage must be of at least 60 minutes duration and the sum of the outages must be more than 1/3 of the validity of the lift pass.

Operational interruptions that are beyond the control of operations management (force majeure) 

In the event of an unforeseen outage that is outside the facility's control, which means that the opening hours are reduced by more than 50%, the refund shall correspond to 50% of what the cardholder / renter has paid for that day. This applies in the event of an outage as a result of, for example, weather and wind conditions, lightning strikes, floods, fires, power outages etc. Any other conditions that the Bike park could not reasonably expect to take into account at the time of purchase. It is up to the park to document that the outage is due to such conditions and that they have not had the opportunity to avoid or overcome the consequences of these. If such a case means that the facility does not open at all, the full amount for that day will be refunded.

Example: The facility opens at 10 am, and will be open until 16.00. Strong gusts of wind mean that the gondola and chairlift must be closed for the day at 12.30. Then those who have rented a bike and bought a lift pass will be refunded 50% of the amount they paid. If it closes at 13.30, nothing will be refunded, because the facility has been open more than 50% of the day.


The customer is responsible for presenting a discount coupon / voucher / gift card before purchasing a lift ticket. No refunds will be given afterwards.


If you do not have an Axess card, you must buy this. The card costs NOK 75 in addition to the lift ticket price. If you have an Axess card without technical problems, this can be recharged and used again. There is no deposit on Axess cards.


Bikes in our Rental shop can only be pree-booked and paid in advance. After your order is registered, you will receive an order confirmation. We ask you to bring this confirmation with you on paper or on your phone/tablet to make the process more efficient in the bike shop.

  • Rental downhill bikes should not leave the bike park unless otherwise is agreed.
  • Only Downhill bikes can be used on Hafjell's downhill trails. Trail, terrain and electric bikes from our bike rental can not be used on the downhill tracks, but in the surrounding trail an road network.
  • All bikes must be properly cleaned and delivered back to the bike shop before 16:30
  • All biking is on the guests own responsibility, and the guest is responsible for bringing the bike back in the same condition as when it was received. 

Rental Insurance

The rental insurance covers all damages that may occur to rented equipment. If the customer chooses not to buy this insurance and damage some of the equipment, he/she is responsible for paying the cost of replacing the damaged equipment.

Refund for Cancellation of Bike rental booking

If the booking is cancelled up to one week before the rental date, Hafjell Bike Park charges 200nok service fee.

If the booking is cancelled 2-6 days before the rental date, your refund is 50% of the total order.

If the booking is cancelled the day before, no refund will be given.

If you have purchased the cancellation insurance together with your booking, you can cancel your booking without extra cost as late as 10am the day before your visit.

Cancelation concerning covid-relatad reasons can be made until 10am the day before your visit. Hafjell Bike Park still charges a 200nok service fee for each bike booked.

Unused lifttickets van always be refunded 100%

For cancellations or other questions, e-mail: [email protected]