sykkelpatrulje i Hafjell

Bike Patrol in Hafjell

Did you know that Hafjell Bike Park has its own bike patrol in the summer? If the accident happens, the bike patrol will be ready to help!

Bike patrol Hafjell: (+47) 404 01 500

What is bike patrol?

Hafjell's bike patrol has two important main tasks. The first is to assist and help if someone has been injured and the second is to secure the facility by for example, looking for holes that may have occurred or dangerous crossings. To get around the area, two off-road vehicles are to their disposal and forest roads are used to access the trails.

What if an accident happens?

As with all sports, there can be accidents when cycling downhill, and therefor it is great for you to know that the bike patrol can help you out. If you have injured yourself or you come across someone else who has been injured, you can call the bike patrol. They themselves will treat minor injuries and make considerations for the need of further treatment. If the injured need to be checked by professional healthcare, the bike patrol contacts the emergency services in the area.

The bike patrol can be reached at all time while the lifts are running, call +47 404 01 500 if the accident happens.