Ny 6-seter stolheis besluttet i Hafjell Alpinanlegg.

New full comfort chairlift in Hafjell

HAFJELL, Alpinco continues to invest and has decided to develop a new 6-seater chairlift, as well as the extension of slopes and snow facilities, in the south area of the facility. The project has a cost frame of 150 MNOK and should be ready for the winter season 2023-24.

Hafjell Sør, is a new 6-seater express lift, which will replace two of the oldest lifts in Hafjell, Kringelåsheisen and Hafjellheis 3. With this, the capacity will increase considerably in the area with a new express lift with a total of 1,874 metres.

In addition to the lift itself, snow facilities will also be built on two of the slopes to ensure full capacity throughout the winter season. These are areas that have previously depended on natural snow to be able to open, and a snow system on these slopes will ensure an even wider offer for guests.

This is the largest investment in the alpine facility since the gondola was built, says Alpinco's general manager, Odd Stensrud.

- It is an extensive project that opens up a part of the facility that we know our guests have otherwise not used to the same extent. A big investment for us in terms of costs, but an investment in the skiing experience for all our guests who will now get better results from skiing, says general manager of Alpinco, Odd Stensrud

Full comfort

Heis med full comfort

The lift is a full comfort chairlift, similar to the Hafjell 360 lift which was ready in 2018. This means that it has heating in the seats and bubbles above the chairs that protects against wind and weather.

- We see that our capacity is pressured around Hafjell 360 and Mosetertoppen, partly because of the comfort this lift has. Therefor we believe a new similar chairlift from Leitner will have the same affect and attract more skiiers in this part of the ski resort, says Stensrud.

The new lift will cover several of the main slopes from the top all the way down to the new boarding point at the height of today's start on the Kringelås lift. From the top of the lift, there is easy access to the trail network towards Vidsyn, Gaia, Favn and Mosetertoppen.

Bunnstasjon Hafjell Sør, ny heis. Foto: Illustrasjon fra Structor.

Opens more areas

In addition to the new chairlift, slope 24 (Kringelåsløypa) and slope 40 (Hafjellhoppene) will have new snow equipment to ensure that the areas will have snow from the start of the season. The easy descent around the Marsteinschussen will also be extended in connection with the construction of the new chairlift.

The lift also opens up future new slopes in Hafjell. In the long term, a new main slope is planned, among other things, between today's slope 21 (Snarvegen) and slope 41 (Hafjelløypa).

- A new lift will significantly increase capacity in the facility. This is a lift that will be able to transport 2,200 people per hour and has a running time at full speed of 5 minutes and 12 seconds, says Stensrud.

Hafjellheis 3 slik den står i dag i Hafjell Alpinsenter.

Work in progress 

The old chairlift, Hafjellheis 3, which is now being removed, is one of the eldest and most nostalgic lifts still running in Hafjell today. The lift was set up in - 91 at the bottom of Hafjell, and was, among other things, used during the Winter Olympics to transport active and civil servants. In autumn - 94, it was moved to the top of the facility where it is today.

Den gang Hafjellheis 3 stod nederst i Hafjell Alpinsenter.

Work on the new chairlift is already well under way. During the coming autumn, deforestation and planning work will be carried out, which means that the Kringelås lift will be dismantled and taken out of operation.

The first part of the project has a cost frame of 150MNOK, and installation of the new chairlift will be started in the summer of 23.

The new 6-seater chairlift will be ready for the 23/24 ski season.

Technical details Hafjell South:

  • Length: 1874 meters
  • Hight difference: 369 meters
  • Boarding level: 661 meters above sea level
  • Deboarding level: 1030 meters above sea level
  • Number of chairs: 70 (can be expanded to 82)
  • Capacity / pax per hour: 2200 (can be expanded to 2600)
  • Max speed: 6 meters per second
  • Running time on full speed: 5 minutes and 12 seconds
  • Masts: 19
  • Garage for chairs on boarding level
  • Producer: Leitner

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