Restaurants in Hafjell

Hafjell restaurant mat



Skavlen restaurant and Sætra are the only summer open places to get food, beverages or ice cream.





Lunch box?

BBQ huts

Bring your own lunch and eat it at one of our BBQ huts placed around the resort. You will find our BBQ huts at the family area around Crossheisen, at the start of Fjellheisen (the end of Hafjellheis 2), family area of Gaia, family area of Knerten and in in the midst of Nyseterløypa. See map here.

Warming rooms

If you want to eat your packed lunch in peace and comfort in warm surroundings, we have several warming rooms around the ski resort. Down at Skitorget, we have a warming room next to Hafjell Pizza and in the small house next to Hafjellheis 1 (the second building). At Gondoltoppen we have the old pavilion with restrooms in the children's areas, now used as a warming room. Up at Fjellheisen there is a small warming room and restrooms. We also a warming room at the Lunnstad lift.