Benefits of having a season pass

With a season pass in Hafjell, you get Kvitfjell in the purchase and a number of benefits both on and off piste . If we have a situation concerning a pandemic where we have to introduce restrictions, you will always have a guaranteed place in the slope with a season pass.
To get a discount, you must present your season pass at the checkout, as this cannot be entered into the various providers' app/QR code. 



 Bindings and equipment check at Hafjell Ski Rental (November and December)

 Free entrance to World Cup Kvitfjell.

 Free black coffee at Varden Restaurant, Kvitfjell

• Free use of the Gondola/chair lift in Hafjell Bike Park (week 40 -2022)

 Those with season pass will be invited via newsletter to exclusive sales events at Hafjell Sport with great discounts.


 Room with breakfast at Gudbrandsgard Hotell when booking 2 days before arrival. 

• GoRafting in Sjoa.

 Sport 1 Kvitfjell discount applies to items with ordinary prices, not sales items. Does not apply to boot fitting or sole moulding.

 Discount at Hafjell Sport

 Ski rental at Hafjell Skiutleie (Skitorget, Gaiastova and Favn)

 Skavlen Hafjell

 Ski rental at Sport1 Kvitfjell.  Applies to both season pass users and guests of season pass users. 



 Rent accommodation (1x) from Hafjellkvitfjell Booking, when booking 8 days before arrival*

•  Entrance Jorekstad Fritidsbad

 Entrance Lillehammer museum (Maihaugen, Olympic Museum, Lillehammer art museum, Bjerkebæk and Aulestad)

* only during low season (not Christmas/New Years, week 7, 8, 9 and Easter)


 Edge grind & wax, Standard Prep at Sport1 Kvitfjell

 "Gold Prep" at Hafjell Skiutleie's workshop
(equipment can be delivered at the ski rental at Skitorget or i the sport shop at Skitorget, Gaiastova or Favn)

 Bob rafting in Lillehammer Olympiske Bob & Akebane

• Wheel bob in Lillehammer Olympiske Bob & Akebane