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1 • NM-løypa  Black, singletrail,

A purebred race track with large step-downs, rockgardens, technical forest sections, gap jumps and the infamous “Hangar ship” jumps. This trail was the first downhill trail built in Hafjell and the early beginning of Hafjell Bike Park

2 • Buldreløypa • Red, mix of singletrack and machine groomed trail

The Buldre trail has it all, from rocks and roots to tabletop’s, hip jumps and berms to a massive wallride and the 5,6 meter high Buldredrop. You can also improve your drop skills in the Buldre dropzone.

3 • Gressløypa • Red, singletrail

A natural singeltrack with sweeping berms, rocks, roots and high speed sections. It takes some runs to get it dialed but once your clicking with it, it is a blast

4 • Moe’town • 4 Blue, machine groomed trail

A silky smooth feelgood trail with berms, pump sections, tabletop’s, rollers and whoops. Moe Town is a blast no matter what bike you are on – just cruising or on the gas pinning it

5 • Parkløypa • Blue, machine groomed trail

Parkløypa is the optimal trail for new visitors doent to the chairlift for the first time. It links up perfect with the Moe'town giving you more than 50 berms and close to 40 hits down to the lift station

6 • Ekspressen • Red, machine groomed trail

As the name describes, it is a fast one -with some steep sections and not for the faint hearted. Expressen is a part of the Hafjell World Championship Downhill trail

7 • Grusveien • Green, wide gravel road

Wide gravel road that takes you all the way from top to bottom

8 • Rollercoaster • Black, machine groomed trail

Possibly the best jump trail in Europe. 40 big jumps and massive berms equals a lot of fun for everyone capable of riding it.

9 • Råbølstien • Black, singletrail

Technical trail in Hafjell's steepest terrain. If you manage to ride it without having to put your foot down, you have a good day! Råbølstien is divided into one route with a high degree of difficulty and one that is a little easier. Råbølstien contains, among other things, the infamous stone section from the WC in 2014, which puts even the world's best cyclists to the test.

10 • Old School • Black, singletrail

This trail brings you back to the original form of mountainbike downhill. It is step and narrow with of camber forests riding. It just keep’s getting better and better.

11 • Brattlykja • Red, machine groomed trail

This is a super sweet bermy singeltrack on your way down from the upper mountain and down to the valley station.

12 • Dessert • Blue, machine groomed trail

All good meals deserve a good dessert. This is the bicycle version in Hafjell Bike Park. Good jumps and flow sections takes you down to the bottom of the hill and ends the day in a wonderful way.

13 • Vestcut • Red, singletrail

A singletrack shortcut that takes you down to the middle station. It has a steep start, but the rest of the trail allows you to keep good flow through the forest.

14 • Nameless • Blue, machine groomed trail

Some of the smoothest turns in Hafjell Bike Park topped up with small jumps. The name? It had no name when it was built and thus became Nameless.

15 • New School • Black, singletrail

This trail “happened” when more than 140 riders donated elbow grease and determination. A sweet singletrack trail spiced up with berms and bridges

16 • Familieløypa • Green, machine groomed trail

Beginner friendly flow trail from the top of the gondola down to the mid station. A wide and easy way through the forest, with some nice bridges and an exciting tunnell.

17 • VM Starten • Black, Jump line

This jump line was made for the WC in 2014. Throw yourself out of the starting gate and over the 3 classic Hafjell jumps and straight into a rock garden. Now you can choose whether you want to take the chairlift up again or continue down the World Cup course.

18 • Illenberger • Black, singletrail

Our newest trail in the Bike Park, designed and shoveled by local rider Ole Henrik Illenberg. This steep and technical trail only gets better each year and it also grows longer each year

19 • Flowklypa • Green, machine groomed traile

The latest addition to Hafjell Bike Park trails. Flowklypa is a smooth machine made trail and the easiest we've got in our Bke Park. It winds through a beautiful forest not adjecent to any roads or other trails.


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