Hafjell har noe for alle, enten det er sykkel eller ski.

The destination that fits all

HAFJELL, This is the destination that can offer exceptional ski school, Olympic-quality alpine slopes, and Ice Hotell and night-time city life if desired.

Family holidays can present challenges. Imagine that you are a family with an age range of 3-15 for the kids and a set of adult parents. Everyone wants a bit of something that represents them. Well, in Hafjell you can actually find something to suit every part of the family.

Children's world

Lekeland på Hafjell Hotell er alle barns favoritt.

The municipality of Øyer itself is a destination that itself is like playground for both young and adult. A lot of people visiting us because of the incredible skiing conditions, are surprised by all the town and region has to offer within a very short distance.

Just a short walk from the ski resort is Hafjell Hotell which houses the children's favorite Play World. Here it is possible for children of all ages to step inside the huge play universe that is create here. This is located next to one of three food shops in the municipality, as well as small shops, pizzeria, pub and pharmacy.

A magical Winter Park

In addition to this, the world famous Hunderfossen Family Park is just a stone's throw away from Hafjell. During winter they have a magical ice and snow hotel that words can not describe, it has to be experienced. The winter park is a spectacular experience that captures big and small. Meet trolls, witches, princes and princesses. If you are lucky you will meet the king or queen who is preparing for a party at the castle. Read more about Hunderfossen Winter Park here.

Vinterparken og ishotellet i Hunderfossen er vel verdt besøket.


Shopping and big city life

Lillehammer town is just a 15 minutes drive by car south of Hafjell. Many of those who visit us drive via Lillehammer on their way here. Here you will find plenty of restaurants and night spots, hotels and not at least shops. The well-known main street that is constantly voted Norway's finest Christmas street contains several great shops and cozy lunch places. Close to the motorway there is also a shopping mall with several stores and major food chains, Cirkle K and McDonalds.

Check out Visit Lillehammer's pages and take in all the possibilities of sights, museums and miscellaneous in the city.