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Practical information

All you need to know about your stay at Favn. Do you still need answers? Call +(47) 612 49 000 (after opening hours, call +(47) 612 74 747 or send us an email.


About the apartment
  • Wi-Fi: The name of the wi-fi is "Favn Hafjell", no password needed.
    Favn Chalet: see label at the TV with Wi-Fi and password.
  • TV: The TV box is situated above the TV screen and the remote control is located in the living room. The remote control has rechargeable batteries and can be charged with a cable connected to the TV-box.
  • Wash & dry: The Premium apartments at Favn are equipped with combi machines for washing and drying. You can find instructions for these in the kitchen cupboards. 
  • Garbage/recycling: Garbage must be recycled and thrown outside at the nearest environmental station. Glass, residual waste and cardboard.
  • Additional products: 
    Bed linen/crib/high chair: Can be ordered up front with your booking/accommodation. Did you forget to order? Call HafjellKvitfjell Booking to reorder, (+47) 612 49 000

Read our terms & conditions here

Check-in & check-out
  • Check-in 17:00
  • Check-out 11:00
  • Key code: You will get this available via SMS as soon as the unit is ready for check-in. You will also receive an SMS one hour before check-out at 11:00, this contains important information about check-out and when the key code stops working. This code works for the ski locker room too. 
Your skiing experience
  • Ski lockers: You can fit about 4 skiis in your ski locker. The ski lockers are located in the ground floor in its own room. The key codes for your apartments's ski locker will always be available inside your apartment. Code for the locker room is the same as your appartement key code.
  • Ski rental & ski service: Do you need the rent equipment for your ski holiday? Hafjell Ski rental has newly prepped skiing equipment and can help you find skiis which suits your skill level. Order ski rental here and your order can be picked up in our shop at Favn or if you preorder it can be found in your ski locker. Hafjell Ski rental also has sections at Gaia and Skitorget.
  • Bike Rental: You can rent bikes directly from our Favn Rental (located at the first floor in Favn B). You can also pick up and rent bikes from the rental at Skitorget. Book your bike in advance here. We have downhillbikes, MTB and electrical bikes for trailing available in our store. See trail guide here for inspiration and tips. Enjoy!:)
  • Ski school: Hafjell ski school offers private lessons or group lessons for both ski and snowboard. Meeting point at the ski school's house next to the chair lift in the bottom of the ski resort or at the top of the Gondola (Gondoltoppen). You can book ski school here. 
  • Ski pass: It is cheaper buying your ski pass online, buy it here. Or you can buy ski pass at our Welcome Center at Skitorget, in our pick up boxes at Gondoltoppen or Gaia. See our terms and conditions for ski pass. 
  • Piste map:  Get to know our ski resort, take a look at the piste map
  • Web camera: See our live web camera which is located at Gondoltoppen, Hafjelltoppen and Hafjell 360.
  • Info centre: We have a guest center at Favn and at the Skitorget. Here, you will receive assistance with practical questions about your ski vacation. Additionally, you can purchase basic groceries at the guest center at Favn

Do you have any more questions about your ski holiday? See if you can find your question in our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Grocery store, restaurant & shops
  • Grocery store: There is a small grocery store at Gaiastova, but you can get a wider offer in the center of Øyer (Kiwi, Spar, Coop Extra and a pharmacy). You can also buy some groceries at the Info Center on Favn.
  • Restaurants: Hafjell has a various offer of restaurants. At Gondoltoppen (where you are now) you can find: Restaurant Favn, Café Favn, Skavlen and Sætra. At the Mid station: Olympiatunet. Hafjelltoppen/Gaia: Vidsyn and Gaiastova. Bottom station: Hafjell Pizza, Lodgen and Woody's. Only Skavlen and Sætra is open during summer. These are located just outside the door of Favn. Read more about our restaurants here.
  • Shops: Hafjell Sport has a store at Skitorget and at Gaiastova. Here you can get everything you need for your holiday. 
Other facilities
  • Fitness room: On the first floor of Favn B you will find the Favn fitness room. The fitness room has been specially designed by Aksel Lund Svindal with equipment from American Barbell and Spirit, as well as free weights, kettlebells, treadmills, mats, etc. Access to the fitness room is only for our guests staying at Favn or in Favn Chalet. Code to door is the same as your appartment.

    There is an age limit of 16 years old to exercise by your self in the fitness room. If you are under age, parents must supervise.

  • Meeting room: On the same floor as the Favn Fitness room in building B, there is an available meeting room which can accommodate 24 people. The meeting room can be rented on a half-day or full-day basis with catering. Contact Hafjell Kvitfjell Booking for booking, [email protected] or +(47) 61 24 90 00.
Parking/Electric vehicles

At Favn it will be possible to charge your electric vehicle. It will be parking spots saved for electric vehicles. These parkings are not to be occupied and you must move your car when it is fully loaded so that other may charge their car.

In case of emergency
  • Fire: If false alarm is triggered, it must be stopped within 2 minutes. The fire alarm is located outside in the hallway. Make sure the smoke alarms are smoke free. If you cannot stop the alarm within 2 minutes, the alarm will restart and a message will be sent to the main rescue center and the fire brigade moves out.
  • Person injury in the resort: Ski patrol +(47) 476 46 527
  • Person injury in the unit: Emergency room 116 117, in case of emergency aid call 113.
  • Material damages in the unit: HafjellKvitfjell Booking, janitor, phone number: +(47) 950 76 872.
Parking / GPS
  • GPS coordinates: 61.244571, 10.492372 See route on Google Maps. Address: Pjeksen 80, 2636 Øyer.
  • Note! There is a toll on the way up, pay at autopay.io within 48 hours of passing.
  • How to get to Favn from Øyer: 
    When driving the E6 turn off towards Øyer, take the first exit out of the roundabout and continue straight ahead for approx. 900 m on Hundervegen before turning left onto Gamlevegen and follow the signs for Hafjelltoppen. Then drive straight ahead on Gamlevegen, about 900 meters up and keep to the right further up Nermosvegen for about 700 m. At the top of Sørbygdsvegen, turn right and follow the signs for Hafjelltoppen. Continue straight ahead until you see a road on the right before the tunnel. Then follow the blue signs towards Mosetertoppen/Skavlen/Favn on Mosætervegen. Follow the Mosætervegen far up the mountain, through the toll station and under a ski bridge with the "Mosetertoppen" sign. Drive about 200 meters after the ski bridge and turn right at Pjeksen (signposted to Skavlen/Favn). Just after the new ski bridge, drive straight ahead and keep to the left. ATTENTION! It is currently a construction site. Keep left until you see Favn and parking.
  • Driving towards "Hafjelltoppen": 
    If you take the E6 towards Hafjelltoppen, you just follow Sørbygdsvegen to the north until after the tunnel, where you turn up towards Mosætervegen on the left (see the rest of the description above).