Take a bath in Hafjell

In Hafjell and Øyerfjellet there are many opportunities to take a chilled bath, we have listed some of our favorites. 

Kriksvika at Reinsvatnet

Kriksvika is a small part of the big lake "Reinsvatnet" and is located along the road "Pellevegen" approximately  5,5 km from Pellestova. Start from Pellestova and follow the road against left towards "Reinsfjell". At the foot of Reinsfjell the road will split, and here you turn right towards Nordseter. Follow Pellevegen til you reach a gravel road at right.  

Kriksvika is a nicely arranged area which is child friendly with shallow water, bbq grills, benches and tables, toilet and shelter. A nice place to take you family for a bath. 

See map of Kriksvika


Malmtjønn is a cozy piece of water only 1.4 km from Pellestova and is a perfect destination for families with children. It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk from Pellestova at a normal pace.

The trip down to the water is on a nice path and down by the windshelter by Malmtjønn Pellestova has canoes for rent, contact the reception to pay for a canoe. Malmtjønn is a small body of water, but a walk here and a paddle trip are great for a small excursion.

See Malmtjønn on the map


Kulpen is located on the Moåa river. The one that flows down the Hill and out into Lågen. This is a small pool that the locals adore right below Skibua and Øyer Ungdomsskole.

It is under the bridge. Here it is cold and fresh all year round!


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Swimming pool at Nermo

Heated outdoor swimming pool at Nermo Hotel which is open every day as long as the weather permits. 11:00-21:00.

The pool is 4×10 meters and 1.5 meters deep. It always stays between 27-29 degrees and is just as suitable for children as for adults. Inside the pool area there are comfortable sun chairs as well as a large lounge right outside. Resident guests at Nermo naturally swim for free. Non-resident guests NOK 50 per person. Everyone must register at reception before using the pool.

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Swimming pool at Mageli Camping

Everyone is most welcome for a pleasant day by the pool, whether you live on site or not. Here you will find a large pool for children and adults (depth 1.25 metres) and a nice play pool for the very little ones. Sunbeds and kiosk. There are also nice play areas for children.

You pay a symbolic fee at the entrence.

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Water park in Hunderfossen

The area has everything a family would want; troll pool for the very little ones with 30 cm water depth, super fun water splash tower, large new water play area with 33 fun water toys, large pool with jet stream, outdoor showers, 120 sunbeds for free loan, kiosk with slush and mineral water, coffee house right next door, and a delicious restaurant with an extensive menu, right by the pool.

Must buy entrance ticket to Hunderfossen Adventure Park to access the pool area.

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Ilsetra Hotell

At the top of Hafjell at Ilsetra you will find a magical outdoor pool with a temperature of 28 degrees. The pool is located right outside the hotel with a view of the entire mountain. Adjacent to the pool you will find a separate building, which contains both a steam and dry sauna.

The pool is open at 17:00-18:00 every day.

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Jorekstad Leisure pool

Swimming fun for the whole family! Here you can jump, splash, trim, dive, exercise, take a sauna or simply relax while the children frolic in the play pool and water slide. The Lillehammer-Hafjell area's largest swimming facility, Jorekstad leisure pool, is suitable for all ages.

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