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How to choose the right bike

Our bike rental has a wide selection of different bicycle types so that you can get the best possible experience for the cycling you want to do. To make it easier for you to choose the right bike, we have made an overview here with a more detailed description of our bikes and which use they are best suited for. All our bikes are of the highest quality, and the latest model from Scott Bikes. Here are three simple steps to make the booking of bicycles easier:


  1. Your height decides

In order for your cycling experience to be the best possible, it is important that you choose a bike that is the right size for you. Therefore, we have arranged it so that the title of each bike model contains the recommended height for the user of the bike. So if you are 175cm tall, you should choose a bike that says "170-180". If you are exactly between two sizes, eg 180 tall, we recommend choosing the smallest size if you do not have much experience from before.

  1. Different types – What typr of bike should I choose?

Our bike rental is divided into 3 different main types of bicycles::

  • Downhill bikes
  • E-bikes and Trail bikes
  • E-bikes in Lillehammer


Our downhill bikes are specially made for fun on downhills, and are the type of bike you should choose if you want a fast-paced day in Hafjell Bike Park. All our downhill bikes are of the same type, there is Scott Gambler for adults, and Scott Ransom for children. These are robust bikes that allow you to roll and fly over terrain and obstacles in a way you never thought possible. A day on a downhill bike in Hafjell Bike Park is a fantastic experience for everyone who can ride a regular bike, we guarantee a wide smile and a great feeling of mastery. Full helmet and protective equipment are included, so get ready for an unforgettable experience on the downhill bike!

You can pick up these bikes in our rental down by the bottom station on our gondola.

Gambler 910Ransom jr



In the category E-bikes and trail bikes, we have a selection of different bikes, based on the type of trips you want to cycle. Here there is also a good selection of kid's bikes. These bikes are stationed in our new bike rental at Favn, right at the top of the gondola.

Due to increased wear and tear, we do not want the bikes in this category to be used on our downhill slopes in the lift system, with the exception of green slopes. If you are going downhill cycling, you will have a much better experience on our downhill bikes, which are specially made for these trails.


Our trail bikes are of the Scott Genius type, it is a versatile trail bike that is excellent for exploring Øyerfjellet's fantastic trail network. It is a bike with 150mm of travel both front and rear, with a design that makes it fun to ride both up and down with. Lockable dampers also make it roll easily and smoothly on the beautiful, endless gravel roads in our mountains. Choose this bike if you want to practice varied cycling in the mountains without a motor, and keep the playfulness on the downhills.



Our full suspension E-bikes are of the Scott Strike type, a fantastic tool for those who want to explore new trails and areas without struggling too hard on the uphills. It offers high comfort on the trail, without compromising on performance. With the market's roughest engine, the Bosch Performance CX, this bike will give you fantastic experiences and take you to new heights! Choose this bike if you want to try out motorized trail cycling, we guarantee that you will have a great experience on this bike.




In the category E-bikes, we have a good selection of different bikes for use on the road and easier trails in the mountains, from children's bikes to adult bikes. All models in this category are so-called hardtail bikes, without rear shocks, and are perfect for long trips on gravel roads and easy trails. Here we also have children's bikes available, which means that juniors can also experience the power of an electric bike, these fit from approx. 8 years. Your height determines what size you should have, and here are two different models to choose from on adult bikes:

AXIS eRide:

Scott Axis is a new model in our rental, and is suitable for those who want a more comfortable sitting position, and a slightly slower pace on the trip. This bike is versatile, and has a bag holder to bring a little extra on the trip. It also has fenders that prevent you from getting dirty when it is wet.





In the category terrain bikes you will find our "regular" mountain bikes, these are top quality mountain bikes from Scott, which also allow you to explore the mountains in a wonderful way. Without a motor, you have to work a little more on the uphills, but they are light, and they are a cheaper alternative than our electric and full suspension bikes. Perfect if you want to take a shorter trip, or cycle with a larger group, as we have many of these available. Here we also have sizes all the way down to 20 '', which fits from about 5 years, perfect if you want to take a trip out into the woods from Mosetertoppen with the whole family.





  1. ENJOY!

In the booking confirmation you get information about where and when to pick up the bike, our employees meet you with a smile and help you with a helmet, protection and travel tips. Then just get on the seat and get started, no matter what type of cycling you are planning.. We always put quality first, and guarantee a good experience on our bikes!

See you in Hafjell!