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Do you want to rent out a cabin or apartment? Explore the possibilities through HafjellKvitfjell Booking.

Safe, flexible and easy through Hafjell Kvitfjell Booking!

Do you have a cabin or an apartment in Hafjell and thinking about of renting it out? By renting out through Hafjell Kvitfjell Booking, you'll be safe knowing that our experienced staff takes responsibility for it, you will get profitability and flexibility to use it yourself. As a landlord, you get the opportunity to buy a heavily discounted Platinum season pass with unique benefits.

Hafjell Kvitfjell Booking is owned by Alpinco, which also owns Hafjell Alpinsenter and Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg. Alpinco has a large and solid sales and marketing apparatus with the aim of filling up the rental units. Considerable resources are put into marketing to achieve good and consistent occupancy throughout the year.

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HafjellKvifjell Booking focuses on safety for you as a cabin owner, and therefore has its own employee with extensive experience in the booking company and close cooperation with cabin owners in the facility.

To ensure maintenance of the rental unit, the company has skilled and thoroughly cleaning workers and caretakers. Our guests are mainly families and groups from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Norway and there is an age limit for renting the unit of 23 years. This is to look after the cabin or apartment, as well as to ensure quality for the guest.


Rent out the cabin when you are not using it yourself, throughout the year. It is important to us that you as a cabin owner should have the flexibility to decide for yourself when you want to use the cabin. We help each individual landlord to tailor the season to meet their own needs, while at the same time they get an optimized income through letting.


Renting out your cabin or apartment through HafjellKvitfjell Booking is easy. In other words, we take care of everything that has to do with the landlord, we manage and pay for sales work, marketing, entering into agreements, invoicing, contact and follow-up of the guest and more. We are a year-round company with motivated employees. The team consists of skilled and service-oriented employees with good local knowledge and long experience in the tourism industry.

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