Get to know Hafjell's mascot, Isa!

The mascot of Hafjell, Isa, is looking forward to meet ski loving children this winter. She is a playful creature who loves skiing. You can meet Isa around the resort or by joining one of her activities.

The history of Isa

Once upon a time, long ago, a little mountain sprite was born in Hafjell. When people began skiing in these mountains, they were unaware of the little sprite already living there. This mountain sprite, or 'fjellvette', was named Isa.

Isa lives in a hut high up in the mountains. It wasn't easy for people to spot her as she darted between trees and snowdrifts, watching the skiers.

As time went by, Isa became increasingly curious, especially about the children playing in the slopes. Today, she's so brave that you might see her zooming by. Have you spotted her yet?

Isa is very kind and cheerful. She cares about everyone's well-being but can also be quite mischievous and a bit messy. Sometimes, her belongings are found scattered in the forest and mountain trails or near the children's lift. Her scarf might be hanging in a tree, her staff lying on the roof of a lift house, and suddenly, Isa's glasses hanging in a spruce tree! Isa enjoys devising pranks, so if a lift stops, someone tugs at your hat, or you suddenly fall in the slope, it's likely Isa's doing.





She's delighted that children have come to Hafjell, as she's made so many new friends to dance and ski with. Isa loves attention and would really like a hug or two. She also enjoys playing around with you!

But just as quickly as Isa arrives to play, she disappears again on her skis. She has a daily mission: to find snow diamonds hidden around the mountain. Isa uses these snow diamonds to help ensure there's plenty of snow.

If you look closely at the mountain when it's dark, you can see shining snow dust falling down Hafjell. These are the snow diamonds Isa has found.

What no one knows is that long ago, when Isa still lived deep in the mountain and there were no ski tracks here, her hut was full of snow diamonds in different colors: blue, red, green, and black.

One day, a fierce storm scattered all the diamonds across the mountain. So now, Isa tries to find them. She discovers new diamonds every day, but as you know, she's a bit forgetful and often can't remember where she's put them. That's why she needs your help. Can you help Isa find the diamonds?