Autumn Holiday in Hafjell

Choose Hafjell for the Autumn Holiday and try out Hafjell Bike Park or trail biking in the mountain before winter makes its arrival.

Autumn is best spent on the mountain. In the clear and fine air, surrounded by beautiful autumn colors. In Hafjell you have the mountains and activities for the whole family right nearby!

With a cabin in Hafjell, you are in the immediate vicinity of one of Europe's best Downhill bike parks. It is open Saturday and Sunday in September and Monday till Sunday in the Autumn Holiday, week 40. Downhill cycling is suitable for anyone who can cycle and is an increasingly popular and growing activity (however, we do not recommended it for children under 8 years unless they are well experienced).

For the youngest children, those who are a little too young for the downhill trails, we have a large pumptrack on Mosetertoppen (disembarkation gondola), which children have enjoyed all summer. Here you can bring all kinds of bikes, or borrow from us at the top for the little ones.

Bo på Favn i høst

Høsten er fargesprakende, men den kan være hustrig. - Trekk dere tilbake etter tur i fjellet og kos deg med en varm kakao i sofakroken.

Prøv ut vårt toppmoderne Favn leilighetskompleks - og bo midt i smørøyet! Vi har flere hytter og leiligheter til utleie både nede i dalområdet i Hafjell, oppe i anlegget og på toppen av selve Hafjell. Velg det som passer dere best!

Overnatting i Hafjell

Eller prøv et søk

Se våre høstpakker:

Trail biking

Øyerfjellet is a paradise for trail biking - suitable for all levels. Choose between trails or gravel.

From Mosetertoppen, you have a perfect starting point for cycling into the mountains. Use our trail guide to see our recommendations on trail routes, elevation profile and other inspiration for å great day in Øyerfjellet. In our bike rental you can rent E-bikes and trail bikes to the whole family.

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Hafjell Bike Park

Lift accessed biking takes place on specially built trails which incorporate various types of terrain and obstacles such as jumps and drops. If you like trying new and exciting things and testing your limits, then downhill is definitely for you!

The lifts take you up to the top of the mountain so you don’t need to worry about pedaling back to the top. Simply put, you can focus on ripping down the trails and having fun! As for the bikes, they are purpose built to handle whatever the trial may throw your way. 

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Gondola & pumptrack

The pumptrack is a 2500 square meter paved bicycle track filled with bumps, tight turns and jump combinations. Any bike can be used in the pumptrack and we even lend out bikes to the smallest kids without cost. Cycling in a pumptrack is a fun activity for all ages and you also train balance and fitness.

It is located at Mosetertoppen, where you get when taking the Gondola up to the mountain. It is also a cool playground and places to eat and drink. 

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Autumn program 2022

There are plenty of things to do in the holidays! Where in Hafjell, the lifts are open every day (week 40) and several events happening, especially in the weekend. Where you can go biking in our bike park or in the mountains, hiking and berry picking, join our competitions or just having a great time at our restaurants with a hot cocoa!

Check out our program for the Autumn Holiday and see pur opening hours. We also recommend a visit to Hunderfossen Fairy Tale Park, Lilleputthammer Family Park or Lekeland if you got small children.

See program here



Få med deg det som skjer i Hafjell og Gudbrandsdalen i høstferien

Gudbrandsdal Musikkfest - 29. september - 1. oktober. Musikere intar hele Gudbrandsdalen med 10 konserter på flere arenaer. Les mer om festivalen! 

Høstmarked på Jevne Gård - 7. oktober. Jevne gård samarbeider med Mat fra Øyerfjellet om Matmarked på gården. Det vil være salg av lokalmat og Gårdskafé inne og ute på tunet. Les mer!

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